Jairo Rodríguez Lumbiarres

photographer I was born in a mid-sized town called Lleida (Catalunya, Spain). My love for nature and sports soon got me on top of a mountain bike with which I explored many of the most beautiful and challenging trails around. Whenever biking was not possible a good pair of hiking boots did the trick! Moving to Barcelona to go to college was the beginning of a journey that keeps on going. In Barcelona I got my B.Sc. in Biology and soon after followed a Ph.D. in molecular biology. During this time in Barcelona I came across photography, which blended to perfection with my passion for nature and exploring the great outdoors. By the early 2000s digital photography was emerging as a mainstream commodity, but the only camera I could afford to buy was a Pentax SLR film camera, which I still keep.

The ways of Science took me to the amazing Hawaiian islands and later to the Pacific Northwest and Seattle, where I not only continued to develop my scientific career but also my photographic skills for over 7 years. I’ve found endless inspiration in the American West, all the way from Alaska to Arizona, where I have captured some of the most spectacular landscapes and natural wonders. I was lucky enough to enjoy the northwest outdoors in so many different ways, from mountain biking silk smooth singletrack, to hiking through amazing old-growth forests and climbing some of the most beautiful volcanoes in the Cascades range.

I am now back in Barcelona, the city were my ways in science started. And although it's been more than a year since I came back, I sometimes still struggle to recognize the bits and pieces of my past self and life in the city I live in. So my travels still continue, now in my own country

Over the years I have been in search of my own way in photography, now through the digital world. I don't think this jorney has an end or a purpose beyond my own enjoyment. I just hope you have a good time visiting my virtual place and hopefully will come back to see where the journey takes me. Stay tuned!