BCN little bits photography project: the little things around my city

Location: Barcelona // Time: to photograph its little bits and pieces

Little bits of Barcelona

Lately I have been kind of slowly drifting away from photography. Maybe because I can’t seem to find the time, or maybe because my motivation levels are at an all-time low, truth is that it’s become harder for me to find a subject that makes me want to use my camera. And then, one random day, I decide that I want to photograph little bits and pieces I can find right here in my city, Barcelona. So I hope this is the first of a series of photos of objects I can take home and photograph as if they were valuable things worth setting a studio for. And now I will show you how glamorous that studio actually looks like.

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Summer sunset’s warm light at the hay roller

Location: La Cerdanya Valley // Time: to kiss summer goodbye

Capturing sunset at the fields edge by the hay roller in la cerdanya

Another one of those days when the breeze is warm and the light slowly fades away in a sweet haze that seems to linger forever. What not to like about those neverending days?

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Photographing sunsets and sunrises around l’Escala, Girona

Location: Cala Mateua // Time: to photograph sunrise at L’Escala, and some sunsets too

Sunrise at L'escala, Cala Mateua

This summer 2016 was the first time in a long stretch that I had the chance to devote some time to one of my favorite things: chasing the sun as it goes through the horizon. I usually prefer it going down, as I like sleeping over in the morning. But living close to an east coast is synonym of sunrises… but lucky me, camping next to Cala Mateua would bring me the opportunity to photograph the sunrise and the sunset from the same spot, and the Mediterranean right in front of me. Sweet.

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How to eliminate lens flare in Photoshop

Location: in a sunflowers field, la Cerdanya // Time: to eliminate lens flare in PhotoshopSunset at a sunflowers field in la Cerdanya

It’s a classic summer memory for many, the sun setting behind sunflowers on a hot day. It’s a seasonal photo, can only be taken for a few weeks every year. This summer I finally got to take mine. If you want to know all the details don’t be shy, come in. As a bonus I will show you how to deal with a classic in sunset/sunrise photography,  how to eliminate lens flare in Photoshop. Now you want to come in, huh?

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Sunset in Montserrat

Location: Montserrat, Barcelona // Time: for an unexpected sunset

Sunset in Montserrat

Lately I have not much time left for photography. And even less time for extensive posts on how I do the things I do. Life gets busy, very busy sometimes, and it’s probably best to accept it and relax. Better times will come when I can get back to the things I am passionate about. For now, here’s a shot I took while being away during the weekend. I really enjoyed that unexpected sunset in Montserrat.

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Absències cover photo, Enric Carreras newest album

Location: wherever you are // Time: to remember those who have gone


In his new album, titled Absències, Catalan composer Enric Carreras let the memories of his Dad guide him in this intimate and personal studio work. Connecting with his music is fairly easy, just let yourself go, let him do the job. And once more I had the great pleasure of producing the image that would be the cover of the new album.
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D500 vs D7200, or why I didn’t buy the new Nikon D500 (owning a D300) and bought a D7200 instead

Location: from the comfort of home // Time: to talk about D500 vs D7200

Nikon D500 vs D7200 and its box, together with the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8

I have been waiting for it for 8 years, which in the digital era, equals to forever. I had even given up on it. And then, when all of us thought the possibility of a D400 was pure internet mythology, the D500 came along to prove us all wrong. Here I will tell you why, as a D300 owner, I decided to not upgrade to the best Nikon Dx camera ever made, the D500, and went with the D7200 instead.  Here is the D500 vs D7200 post you have been waiting for. Continue reading


The Astoria bridge

Location: Astoria bridge // Time: to cross the bridge

The Astoria bridge at sunrise in black and white

We got up early with our hopes high that we would see an epic sunrise across the Astoria bridge. It didn’t really happen this way but in the end it didn’t quite matter. You never know what you are going to get when you leave home, and that is part of the beauty. This is what we got. Continue reading


Photography guide to Yellowstone National Park

Location: Yellowstone National Park // Time: to see nature in technicolor

Panoramic view of Grand Prismatic hot spring in Photography guide to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is the one, the original. Established in 1872, it was the first National Park in the US, and actually in the world, and just happens to have more colors than you could ever imagine. In this photography guide to Yellowstone National Park I will walk you through the different areas of this wonderland, so you don’t miss the best geothermal features as well as the amazing wildlife that populates the park. Plus you will get all the travel information you need. What else do you wish for? Just don’t forget your camera. Continue reading

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Sunset at Haystack rock in Cannon Beach

Location: Haystack rock, Cannon beach, Oregon // Time: to enjoy the sunset

Sunset at Haystack rock in Cannon beach oregon

Watch the sun go down behind Haystack rock and if you haven’t done so yet, you will fall in love with Cannon beach and the Oregon coast. Want to know where this jewel is? Come in. Continue reading

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